ABP Cooling Systems (Advanced)

17. März 2022: 10:00 - 12:30 h CET

Location: ABP Virtual Classroom

ABP Cooling Systems (Advanced)

The energy-efficient, sustainable and safe use of cooling systems will continue to gain importance. The training provides an overview of measures for the sensible control of the system and the avoidance of problems.

  • Energy-efficient Cooling System
  • – Temperature Controlled Furnace Cooling
    – Automated Shutdown of Power Supply Cooling
    – Power Saving Recoolers
  • Corrosion in Cooling Systems:
  • – Types of Corrosion
    – Measures against Corrosion
  • Biohazards / Legionellae in Cooling Systems (related to German 42. BImschV):
  • – Basics
  • Environmental Protection (related to German AwSV):
  • – Basics
    – Application to ABP Cooling Systems
  • Digitalization:
  • – Basics
    – Examples

Target group: Planners, persons responsible for energy efficiency and secondarily maintenance

Speaker: Benjamin Kramm
Price: 240,- EUR/participant
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