Functionality and theoretical basics of the inverter technology

8. Juli 2021: 13:30 - 18:00 h CET

Location: ABP Virtual Academy

Functionality and theoretical basics of the inverter technology (English)

To understand the operation of ABP thyristor inverters and to isolate more difficult faults, it is important to know some theoretical basics. The aim of this course is to gain a basic understanding of the behaviour of the inverter in relation to the constantly changing furnace condition and also to be able to draw conclusions about an advantageous furnace operation in relation to circuit feedback and reactive power. Furthermore, an understanding of how the interaction of the inverter electronics with the other furnace components such as the PLC and the Prodapt works will be built up.

  • Inverter technology:
  • – Theoretical fundamentals, Fourier series – Harmonic problems
    – Active, reactive, apparent power and power factor
    – Distortion reactive power
    – Rectifier (6,12 and 24 pulse) voltage and current characteristics
    – DC link
    – Inverter (parallel resonant circuit inverter)
    – Power control of the furnaces
    – Integration of the inverter into the plant control system
  • Open discussion with questions and comments

The participant understands the structure and operation of the inverter. He knows which signals are exchanged to the higher-level controls such as Prodapt and PLC. In addition, the relevant signals, components and their function within the inverter will be learned in order to understand and be able to find more complicated faults.

Target group: electrical maintenance
Speaker: Jörg Lenze
Price: 320,- EUR/participant, 385,- USD/participant
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