Our ABP EcoTop hood support now easy to retrofit

The engineers at ABP Induction have developed the new EcoTop® hood support for daily work with ABP induction furnace systems. How can this innovation do valuable work in your operational practice? Read more in this artice.

If you think about your system operating company, then you surely know: Practice has shown that working under suspended loads must be prevented. Alternatively, you can also secure the hood with a crane, for example. To ensure that this procedure becomes common practice, we have recommended and described the procedure in the „General warning instructions“ and also sent you a warning sign so that it can be visibly attached to the hood. Regrettably, however, this is seldom done in practice. Securing by crane is often described as being too cumbersome or not possible from an operational point of view.

More safety for induction furnace systems thanks to new tool development

With the EcoTop® hood support, we are now providing a sustainable remedy: To resolve operational challenges, we are working with you to increase the level of safety to a new level – with an easy-to-mount support for your EcoTop® hoods. This reliably prevents unintentional closing of the extraction hood.
And this is how the innovation works: The support attached to the main frame of the hood can be easily set up for maintenance or repair work in the area beneath the hood and simply folded back in again when the work is completed.

Ask the ABP experts

This new safety standard can be quickly incorporated into your operation: We would be happy to prepare a quotation for retrofitting the support as a turn-key solution. Please contact Lea Schlachzig from ABP Customer Service to arrange a suitable installation date by calling: + 49 (0) 231 / 997 2398 or send an e-mail to lea.schlachzig@abpinduction.com.