Replace cupola furnace with induction furnace technology

Modern foundries have to face up to the megatrend of decarbonization. Those who still have cupola furnaces in use should consider switching to induction furnace technology. ABP Induction, as a leading supplier in this segment, is ready for a quick change here. This blog article will share ABP’s best ideas and technologies for switching from cupola to induction furnace technology.

During the last months it turned out that the decarbonization pressure will increase dramatically in close future due the environmental roles and the carbon taxation. All major industries started to investigate alternatives related to this problem. The most foundries are urgently looking for solutions without using oil, coke or gas. We at ABP see a huge market potential to attend our customers on the way of decarbonization for their plants. On the other hand, we want to drive this procedure to support our customers finding alternative solutions for their technical and economical independence from fossil fuels. Our definite recommendation is induction furnace technology. The main advantages are:

– Stable quality
– Energy efficiency
– Reliability and flexibility of production
– Production capacity and rate
– Improved health & safety
– Advantages using high quality scrap

How modern foundries are facing decarbonization and what strategies ABP Induction offers for change

The energy input of the induction furnace is exclusively electrical. Heat is generated directly in the melting material and evenly distributed by the electromagnetic bath movement, without local overheating. No chemical or fossil energy sources such as oxygen, carbon or natural gas are required for process control.

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