ABP Cooling Systems (Basics)

Cooling water is the lifeline of an induction furnace, and elementary for safe long-term operation. The training intends to convey the basics about design, function and maintenance of these cooling water systems.


  • ABP Cooling Systems:

– Concept, design and topologies
– Technical design of cooling systems

  • Cooling circuits:

– Function
– Main components
– Furnace cooling circuit:
– Emergency cooling
– Yokes
– Coil
– Power supply cooling
– Secondary circuits

  • Recoolers:

– Plate heat exchangers
– Chiller
– Cooling towers
– Open well vs closed circuit cooling tower
– Air-water-coolers
– Adiabatic coolers
– Frost protection

  • Water treatment:

– Function
– Main components
– Chemicals

Target group: mechanical maintenance

Speaker: Benjamin Kramm