Basic maintenance of the crucible induction furnace and its basic operation

ABP coreless induction furnaces are characterized by high reliability and availability as well as easy maintainability. Nevertheless, these electromechanically heavily loaded units must be regularly maintained and repaired to prevent malfunctions. The aim of this course is to enable you to understand the basic operating principle of a crucible furnace, to get to know the tasks of all installed components and to change them professionally. Furthermore, valuable information about possible causes of failures and their elimination will be given.


  • Schematic structure of a crucible furnace and its mechanical components
  • Physical basics for the operation of a coreless induction furnace
  • ABP coil technology, special features and differences
  • Maintenance, repair and ground fault trouble shoot
  • Plant periphery: hydraulics, cooling system
  • Open discussion with questions and comments

Training objective:

The participant will learn basic mechanical maintenance procedures and be able to perform them, significantly reducing downtime.
By presenting the most common possible sources of failure, the risk of downtime due to major damage will be minimized.

Target group: Maintenance and melt shop

Speakers: Andrei Petker