Bridging – Virtual Training

Understanding and mastering bridging during melting manage with the ABP VIRTUAL TRAINING.

The Scenario

A very striking example is the training to prevent bridging in the induction furnace of our foundry customers. When melting in the induction furnace, the charge material can form a solid blanket above the active coil because the electromagnetic field no longer couples there. This can interfere with the actual melting process by causing this part to get stuck and prevent the scrap from sliding into the active part of the coil. The potential consequence: This results in severe overheating of the melt in the lower crucible section, which loses contact with the scrap suspended above it. This overheating can attack and damage the furnace lining. Failure to detect this in time can result in furnace blowout or explosion due to overheating. All in all, this is a process that can have a massive impact on safety and operation and must be avoided at all costs.


ABP Induction has developed a virtual training module specifically for the bridging phenomenon. It allows the scenario described to be simulated and then trained – on the digital twin of the system and thus not in a direct production environment, but in a highly practical manner while taking all safety-relevant aspects into account. The employee trains all work steps virtually and is also able to experience hazardous situations in this special training that are impossible to train in the physical environment – and, in the best-case scenario, should not ever occur at all.


  • Realistic simulation of the hazardous situation „bridge building“
  • Gamification factor to ensure a high level of training motivation
  • Practical training on a virtual twin
  • Location and time-independent training and no traveling required
  • Perfect onboarding measure for new employees
  • Repeatable at any time, individually adaptable to any new furnace configuration
  • Can be documented in the myABP portal for the purpose of recording employee competencies

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