Inverter hose replacement for more operational safety

High system availability, in conjunction with operational safety for employees and more efficient operation of the system – these are the key arguments for considering inverter hose replacement in metalworking companies. With ABP Complete Customer Care, users are on the safe side: Thanks to solid advance planning and reliable execution, the conversion can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively.

What are compelling reasons to replace a hose?

Systems often suffer from dirt deposits in their hoses, resulting in lower flow rates and possibly even thyristor failure. In addition, plasticizers volatilize from the hoses, making the hoses brittle and causing leaks. And, after five to six years, a hose replacement is necessary anyway according to the inverter operating instructions. It is also recommended following a longer period of plant downtime, which is something that is currently an issue for many companies.

Why makes this modernization step sense? Users receive higher plant availability, and the current state of the art technology is then also installed for greater safety. And they will be protected against further damage in the event of leaking hoses. Replacement is quick, inexpensive and uncomplicated: Once the order has been placed, our service team can respond at very short notice. The water must be drained and the system has been switched off prior to the appointment.

Inverter hose and more: Digital Expert on Demand

And, ABP’s service goes even further – even after the hose has been replaced: ABP Induction also offers repair, upgrade and overhaul services for systems from other manufacturers, giving users the opportunity to benefit from the company’s innovative approach and technical know-how when it comes to digitizing service: It’s about achieving even better system availability thanks to predictive maintenance and even faster service via ‘Digital Expert on Demand’ (dEoD). The core tool here is Augmented Reality: It makes it possible for ABP experts to see what the customer sees. He uses AR glasses, a tablet or simply a smartphone.

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