ABP Intelligence

The Machine data remains safely stored to a maximum of 6 months in the ABP intelligence edge device. Only the alarm and events are sent to my APB portal.

Whenever there is a critical failure of the equipment and the customer agreed to share data with ABP the past 2 weeks of sensor data are stored in ABP R&D database for the further development of predictive solution.

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The crucible monitoring app analyzes the electrical parameters and calculate the wearing index and monitor its changes. With the time the app learns based on your operation what are the conditions you change the lining of the furnace. The application will then monitor when certain values ​​are reached and open a service ticket with recommendations.

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The condition monitoring app will monitor the conditions of the equipment and the PLC. It will inform the maintenance team when any failure is detected by the PLC. It also will open automatically a service ticket in myABP portal with a short description of the failure.

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You need to install the KPI app on your ABP intelligence.

If you already have the ABP intelligence connected to your equipment you need to install the KPI application. ( check how to install an app for more information).

If you do not have your equipment connected yet please contact us at http://abpinduction.com/myabp

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In order to have the real-time information of your equipment you need to have the ABP intelligence solution installed and at least one of the applications available for the monitoring of your system.

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Yes, ABP Intelligence is based in a robust technology stack that allows it to be connected to other manufactures equipment. If you want to know more about it contact us at http://abpinduction.com/myabp or your ABP sales representantive .

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myABP Portal

The production values are only available if you have purchased ABP intelligence as well as the KPI app for this specific furnace.

If you have installed the KPI App please check if the equipment cloud ID is filled correctly.

Verify if the equipment is online. If yes, please contact our support and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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You will get an alert when you have one of our ABP intelligence applications installed.

If it is detected an abnormal behavior of your equipment. The applications will generate an alarm and create a service ticket in the portal if the equipment is linked to myABP. When an alarm is generated an automatic email is sent to all service managers registered in the portal.

If your equipment is not connected to myABP the alarms will be displayed on the UI of the edge computer but no notification will be sent.

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A service milestone is a maintenance tool that allows the service team to create recurrent maintenance tasks.

Users can add the recurrency, detailed to-do list for this specific check and assign it to more than one equipment at once.

After creating a service milestone the system will monitor and inform your team when is necessary to perform this check. When scheduling downtime in the portal the service manager will also see all upcoming milestones so it can be scheduled in the current downtime.

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Service logs are all service tickets or service milestones that the maintenance team close or executed for this specific equipment.

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Please access the www.abpinduction.com/myabp and open a ticket. Please try to describe how the error occurred or attach a screenshot of the error message.

our support team will look into the error and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Yes, the portal has open APIs as well as an integration layer that allows the exchange of data with different software. For more information please contact us at https://abpinduction.com/en/contact or your ABP sales representant.

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Yes, it is possible to add any equipment and its documentation to the MyABP portal. Just follow the same steps descried on (How can I add new equipment?)

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Virtual Academy

After the user complete successfully the training it will be automatically linked to his profile as completed training.

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