Reliable coil repair for foundry operations

To ensure that a system is quickly available again, that it offers the best possible operational reliability for the user and guarantees efficient operation of the system, ABP Induction is expanding its Complete Customer Care service package to include coil repair in metal processing companies. ABP has developed an all-round package that enables the best possible planning and implementation of coil repair: The full service program includes scheduling, collection, repair and delivery in a single package.

Perfect coils in the ABP oven system

Time is money – now more than ever. This is why ABP not only ensures the highest possible system availability with our new digital solutions, but ABP also wants users to be able to restart the machines quickly in the event of repairs. The new full service program for coil repair is designed for that exact purpose.

Fixed price and deadline guarantee for coil repair

The experts at ABP Induction plan the downtime, collect the coil, repair it and deliver it directly back to the user. ABP offers this at a fixed price and with deadline guarantee. And if the ABP specialists do happen to fall behind schedule, that shouldn’t be to the detriment of the customer: Per day of delivery delay – measured against the repair time agreed in advance – ABP will reimburse 1 percent of the agreed repair price of the coil up to a maximum of 5 percent per order.

Coil repair – how it works

Depending on their condition, the coils pass through various steps as part of a repair order. These include, for instance, cleaning incl. stripping of the coil plaster and the intermediate layers. The ABP experts carry out various measures, such as stress-free annealing, sandblasting, straightening and reworking of the soldered joints or repair of defective areas using the proven ABP three-ring soldering technique. Subsequently, the process continues with multiple insulation coating, application of the inter-winding insulation in the wet insertion process and sheathing with Isoplan and silicate fabric. At ABP, the offered repair services are of the highest quality and can be completed quickly. All servicing work is documented with a test protocol, which includes a flow and pressure test as well as an insulation test. Modernization allows used coils to be brought up to the latest state of the art.

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