ABP equips AYD with innovative induction technology & everything it requires for fully digital production

The cooperation between AYD Automotive Industry and ABP Induction is a true success story with good prospects for the future: The Turkish family-owned company, a global leader in the automotive sector for the production of steering and suspension parts, will in future rely on ABP Induction‘s innovative induction furnace technology for the production of brake discs. The factory in Konya, Turkey was equipped with modern medium-frequency induction furnaces of the IFM 6 type, furthermore with an OCC-type casting furnace with the OPTIPOUR® control system developed by ABP. AYD additionally relies on the potential offered by ABP Induction’s Industry 4.0 innovations: The myADP digitalization package for foundries is part of the new production. It consists of the myABP portal, connection to ABP Intelligence and to the remote service module ABP digital Expert on Demand, as well as access to the virtual academy for employee training independent of their location.

ABP Induction has delivered two medium-frequency induction furnaces of type IFM 6 (8.4t) and 4,800kW / 250Hz Twin-Power® supply.

AYD supplies its customers with premium quality and a product range for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and vehicles designed to transport heavy loads, making the company a global leader in the automotive sector. The company is known for its design and innovation technologies, especially with respect to the development of complete solutions for safety-critical parts in vehicles. In this regard, AYD sees itself as a one-stop provider for complete solutions, offering its customers everything from a single source. 

AYD is industry leader in the automotive sector

This attitude was also decisive for ABP, as this overall package of innovative induction furnace technology for melting and casting, the option of complete digitalization of the plant for Industry 4.0 applications and the local service center convinced AYD. Thus, the industry leader in the automotive sector gets all components relevant for production from a single source – from ABP Induction. 

It took about one year from the conclusion of the contract on November 2, 2021 to full commissioning. The complete equipment, including the melting and casting furnace systems, was delivered to Turkey and directly assembled in June and July 2022. Cold commissioning was undertaken in late September 2022, followed by hot commissioning one month later, including a test run for the melting furnace. Hot commissioning and test run for the casting furnace will follow afterwards.

ABP Induction has delivered two medium-frequency induction furnaces of type IFM 6 (8.4t) and 4,800kW / 250Hz Twin-Power® supply. In addition, there is the casting furnace OCC 50.2 with a useful capacity of 5,000kg and inductor power of 300kW. The automatic CIP positioning module and the OPTIPOUR® control system are the technical highlights. AYD is now able to use a high-speed molding plant at full capacity. With the OPTIPOUR® meniscus control system, the filling level is measured using an intelligent camera; this prevents overpouring and underfilling of the mold, reduces slag inclusions and saves iron.

The environmentally friendly operation of the ABP induction furnaces of type IFM is based on different modules. The converter power can be freely distributed to both furnaces using the Twin-Power® principle. This enables scenarios like melting with one furnace and simultaneous sintering or holding with the other one. The principle involves an increased degree of utilization of the converter, lower maintenance costs and lower investment costs compared to separate energy supplies. 

When starting up a batch with partial filling of ferromagnetic melting material, small portions of this material are automatically refilled.

Potential for adaptation to the possibilities of Industry 4.0 with the melting processor PRODAPT® Enterprise and the ABP customer portal myABP

The potential for adaptation to the possibilities of Industry 4.0 are excellent with the melting processor PRODAPT® Enterprise and the ABP customer portal myABP, allowing for intelligent solutions for the progressive digitalization and networking of the processes at AYD. The melting processor PRODAPT® Enterprise controls the energy supply for the melting and holding process, for cold start and sintering according to the demands. Operational data and conditions are captured and displayed in the myABP portal, and prepared for targeted data exchange with the plant management system. In addition, the technical furnace parameters are captured via the digital converter control. When starting up a batch with partial filling of ferromagnetic melting material, small portions of this material are automatically refilled. This leads to measurable energy savings and increases in production as compared to non-controlled batching. Surveys show that induction furnaces produce less than half of the CO2 emissions to melt one ton of cast iron compared to cupolas. Thanks to the ABP equipment, not only AYD will benefit from this, but also the environment. The melting furnaces thus offer the well-known stable and high efficiencies and in addition have all the safety features to enable reliable and safe production. This includes the modules known from the ABP Safety Packages, which are standard for all new ABP plants. The “ABP Basic Safety Package” is a vital form of basic protection for existing plants. The package consists of the GD 05 ground fault monitor, the diagnostic function for GD 05, an extended GD 05 ground fault monitor for Twin-Power® systems, the LCM leakage current measurement, the hedgehog coil and the test bath earth.

After this project, ABP plans other development projects on site: AYD Automotive Industry is a very innovative, progressive company with whom new ideas for innovative products and solutions can be developed, including in partnership and cooperation with AYD suppliers for the production lines.

Restarting systems and plants in 3 steps

The time has now come for many companies to start up all their plants and systems again. In doing so, it is important to proceed particularly carefully and cautiously in order to identify potential hazards and problems that could arise as a result of closing down or taking the wrong steps during start-up. The Dortmund-based foundry experts, ABP Induction, can provide assistance here – and thanks to the digital Expert on Demand solution, this is done completely contactless and is available virtually anytime and anywhere.

The ABP Restart Circle for commissioning after lockdown is a central component of the ABP DIGITAL START-UP-CHECK.
The ABP Restart Circle for commissioning after lockdown is a central component of the ABP DIGITAL START-UP-CHECK.

After having shut down their plants, many customers have taken advantage of our services for extensive maintenance and repair to have the plants ready for the time when operations resume. That moment is now. The service workshop and the spare parts division at ABP were available around the clock, even when operations were suspended. ABP were able to deliver many spare parts directly from the warehouse or via partner stocks.

After the lockdown: The moment of commissioning has now arrived

Maintenance and servicing are one thing, the safe restarting of systems and plants is quite another. The inspection of site safety is a fundamental measure that companies should plan for before they restart. It may very well be possible that plant operators only notice damage during the course of operations or in the later process – and this can result in costly production downtimes. ABP recommend that customers carry out all inspection, testing and maintenance procedures that have been suspended since the production shutdown now. The ABP experts can provide assistance here completely digitally and contactless – with Expert on Demand. The core tool here is Augmented Reality: It makes it possible for ABP experts to see what the customer sees. They use AR glasses, a tablet or simply a smartphone.

ABP experts recommend that, as with any other recommissioning of idle machinery, standard operating procedures should be followed in order to bring idle equipment or processes back into operation in compliance with regulations. The ABP experts are able to digitally accompany these processes and provide instructions. Customers are supported by an ABP expert throughout all processes and can thus optimally benefit from ABP know-how.

How exactly does ABP help with commissioning?

The experts are involved, for example, in the visual inspection of the crucible for washouts and cracks – and they see everything through the eyes of the customer. ABP experts help with commissioning: Testing the emergency stop circuit with all confirmation switches can be performed digitally, as can checking the earth fault measurements. If the system outputs a service request during restart, the ABP technician then helps to identify the correct spare part. With the virtual technology, the ABP expert can go through various settings on the system with the customer to rule out any operating errors. He can support employees in performing simple operations that may then already resolve the problem. And: The ABP service is available at an incredible speed, as long waiting times for a service appointment or technician availability are not an issue – this is extremely important these days, when plants have to be put back into operation quickly.

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