Hybrid solutions: ABP supports the complete equipment lifecycle

ABP Induction unites the best of both service worlds: The digital solutions and classic services are truly impressive in combination as hybrid solutions. ABP Induction now offers various packages to optimally support the entire lifecycle of companies.

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C1, C2 and C3 – this is how the different service levels are related in the overall context at ABP.

Because ABP Induction can offer hybrid solutions covering the entire lifecycle of the systems by combining service and digital tools. Conventional products such as installation and commissioning, repairs and spare parts as well as modernization are all combined with digital solutions such as the ABP Portal, digital Expert on Demand, the ABP Intelligence apps and the ABP Virtual Academy.

Conventional Services and Digital Solutions

The concept is based on the well-established Circle of Service, which is comprised of levels C1, C2 and C3. C1 refers to installation and commissioning: This way customers directly benefit from their investment. ABP Induction’s C3 service team provides support during the complete commissioning phase of the system and trains employees to operate systems productively and efficiently.

C2 deals with repairs and spare parts. The most important thing about C2: The productivity of the system is guaranteed. Preventive maintenance contracts also pay attention to the wear and tear of parts. In addition, we also offer round-the-clock customer service. Finally, C3 refers to modernization. This makes it possible for customers to remain successful in the future, because C3 takes aspects such as modernization, overhaul and audits into account.

So, why do we combine classic services and digital solutions? Because hybrid solutions are the ideal way to achieve both competitive advantages and increased performance. For instance, we integrate on-site customer service with the remote “Digital Expert on Demand” solution, and we combine on-site maintenance and ABP Intelligence. We also provide upgrades for DICU 3 and Prodapt in conjunction with ABP Intelligence.

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Upgrade, remote and intelligence – that’s how it all fits together at ABP Hybrid Solutions.

All of our services are combined in various packages. How does this benefit the customer? Regular services can be planned, in terms of time as well as financially. At the same time, this also results in a higher availability of the systems, lower maintenance costs, lower investment costs and higher productivity.


If you have any questions about Hyrid Solutions:
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