ABP Virtual Academy: The new training program is online

Regular training and education of a team is elementary, especially in such a highly sensitive working area as the environment of a furnace plant. MyABP.com closes the gap between equipment and necessary training: The ABP Virtual Academy, which consists of ABP Virtual Training and ABP Virtual Classroom, is available for all technical areas, at any time, at (almost) any place.

The ABP Virtual Academy comprises the two training courses ABP Virtual Training and ABP Virtual Classroom. Click here for the calendar of events.

In the ABP Virtual Classroom you will be confronted with a digital twin of our furnace systems. We bring the digital versions of our furnaces into the Virtual Classroom. This is exciting for everyone who wants to refresh the knowledge of an existing ABP system or if there’re any plans to onboard new employees. A digital session as a kick-off is enormously helpful if customers are planning to modernize, expand or completely rebuild their plant. This way they can experience the topic of product training in a new way: Let us explain the functionalities, the correct use of individual device features or even tips and tricks for everyday use.

• How can energy and CO2 be saved?

• How do customers increase the efficiency of their plants?

• What are the possibilities for maintenance?

• What is so unique about ABP’s coil design?

• How do we at ABP digitalize furnace plants – and what benefits in terms of security, availability and monitoring through our ABP Intelligence Apps and alarms will open up for customers?

• Also, exciting: What are the differences between ABP furnaces and the competition, also with regard to the differences between cupola and induction furnace?

The ABP Virtual Classroom opens up these and many other possibilities. Not only do you get explicit product knowledge delivered, but you also save travel costs and time, and thanks to the fascinating technology there is also a bit more fun.

The latter of course also applies to our ABP Virtual Training. With it, you can train and educate your employees on a role-based background in the future. Role-based because you can train both everyday use cases and standardized maintenance measures – individually organized according to employee skills and the area of responsibility. This brings more expertise into the company and more safety at every workplace.

Or think of the onboarding of new specialists: Never before has a team member been more quickly ready for action, better trained and prepared for the new system that awaits him – through his eyes, in his own language. In the fascinating digital environment, the employee can move freely, train work steps repeatedly and afterwards follow and evaluate them in detail. The fascination of the new technology is one thing, the organizational advantage for you as a company is another: Our customer portal myABP.com gives you an overview at any time of the skills each individual employee has, the instructions and certificates they have completed and the training environments they have already used.

Leave the old learning world behind: training courses in a foreign environment, with simple documents that convey a lot of theory but little practice – this belongs to the past. Train employees under practically real conditions: Simulate everyday working conditions or send employees in a virtual space in emergency scenarios that you can neither produce in theoretical lessons nor in a real environment. There is no better way to prepare employees when it comes to the right work steps or topics such as plant and occupational safety.

Learn now: Click here for the calendar.